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Driving Lessons Institute Driving Lessons Institute
Driving Lessons Institute Driving Lessons Institute Driving Lessons Institute Driving Lessons Institute Driving Lessons Institute Driving Lessons Institute Driving Lessons Institute Driving Lessons Institute Driving Lessons Institute Driving Lessons Institute Driving Lessons Institute
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Learning to drive can be one of the most rewarding achievements in your life, and its Driving Lessons Institutes aim is to make it fun, stress free and pleasing as possible. We offer many driving courses to choose from and can customise the driving lessons to suit you individually. Our overall aim is to teach you safe driving for life.

Complete Beginner Course:
This option is for people who have never driven before. We shall help you to gauge the amount of lessons you will require to pass the test. The Driving Standards Agency advice is that a new learner on average will require about two lessons for each year of their life but this is just a very general guide as the amount of lessons a student needs will differ from person to person. It will be at the judgement of your instructor who will advise you when you are ready for the test.

Intensive Driving Course:
Our intensive driving lessons are designed for those who have time restrictions and want to pass their tests quickly and can devote a large amount of hours a day or week. Please contact us for a tailor made price.

Mock Test and Driving Test Routes Course:
This course is designed for people who have had some tuition and have achieved a decent standard but there are areas in their driving ability that need extra work. We will assess these students and will concentrate on their weaknesses and will strengthen them and get them up to standard. We will help them improve and refine their driving skills and prepare for their test by carrying out mock tests which will set up the candidate for the day of the test.

Motorway Driving Course:
This course is to equip the new driver with the skills needed for driving on both the motorway and on rural roads, where knowledge of the appropriate speeds and special conditions pertaining to country life, are needed for safe driving.

Pass Plus Driving Course:
This course can only be accessed after passing your driving test. It is designed to give the new driver further skills on how to drive safely and efficiently in the following categories: motorways, countryside roads, city driving, all weather driving and night driving. At the end of the course there are no exams or tests to be given at the end of the course; but you will receive a certificate at the end of this course which could entitle you to have an equivalent of a one year’s no claims bonus, which means you can get cheaper car insurance.

Refresher Course:
This option will suit people who have achieved a valid driving licence, but due to not driving for a period of time, they need to refresh and restore their driving skills and have the confidence to drive their car confidently and safely once again.

Young Drivers Scheme:
This course is an educational programme that helps students to pass their driving test by studying the theory and hazard perception syllabus. Our scheme is aimed at young drivers currently at Schools, Colleges and Universities to help them by identify potential hazards and dangers on the road. Our Young Drivers Scheme can be tailor made to suit any age group and involves classroom workshops and on road driving lessons. Driving Lessons Institute aim is to promote road safety to all young people and prevent them becoming involved in road traffic accidents that all too often result in serious injury or even death. We believe it is our responsibility to give our students the tools to have safe driving skills for life.

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